Neocodis collaborates with an extensive network of freelancers as well as our own dedicated team of highly qualified IT professionals.

As a dynamic and growing company, we are constantly hiring to respond to increasing demand for our services.
Below you will find a download section of current positions that we have advertised. But we also invite open applications, so please get in touch!
Our company vision is to become the employer of choice for IT professionals across Eastern Europe. As you will see from the list of perks below, we are well on the way to achieving our strategic vision!

Attractive remuneration and extra benefits

Extensive options for professional training and career advancement opportunities to keep you at the cutting edge of the industry

Freedom to pursue your own initiatives within the company that add value, solve challenges and put you in charge of your workload

We practice Holacracy, which means that authority is truly distributed and decisions are made locally by the individual closest to the front line

NOW HIRING - PLC Software Engineer