Flexible, scalable and reliable. Tell us which skills you need and we will put together a team of any size and skillset to suit your needs.
The team remains 100% dedicated to you your project to create optimal responsiveness that ensure your speed to market. You may manage the team directly, or we can take over this role to meet your targets on time.
Our extensive network of IT professionals offers a range of software engineering skills that will enable you to reach your business objectives on time and according to specification – and at a fraction of the cost! Ask us about our hourly rates.


In between projects, our programmers have down time before their next project begins. We calculated that over a typical year, up to 20 percent of our programmers’ time could be better used by other companies looking for one or more pre-vetted programmers to complete contract-based projects.
But unlike freelancers, our programmers are dedicated to your project only, their work is managed, their skills are verified, their workplace is well organised and they receive a competitive salary and social package.
Meanwhile, you benefit from development skills that are cheaper, easier and faster than expanding your in-house team.


Performance through innovation

Rather than blindly coding to specification, we empower our programmers to develop and implement innovative solutions to complex challenges. The result is a collaborative approach to design creative IT solutions that remain robust, stable and reliable over the long term.


Listening and understanding are crucial to understanding our customers’ needs. We make it our goal to capture your vision for the project and then work with you to make it happen. To keep you updated along the way, we provide online progress reports with live time tracking indicators synchronised with project deliverables. This way you can follow and guide the development process from beginning to end.

Personalised approach

Providing superior results starts with truly understanding our customers’ individual needs for each project. This is why we put our clients in direct contact with the actual programmers doing the work, in order to optimize communication, accuracy and speed of delivery. This naturally means that our team of IT experts can easily explain their trade in basic terms that is warm, friendly and easy to understand.